MacOS High Sierra
  • Whenever the screen lock cuts in on my Mac Mini now I have upgraded the OS I can no longer connect to the security spy screens from my iPhone. I also have disk encryption enabled.

    Now I've got to disable the screen time out password.

    Not good.
  • Hi Dave,

    Could you please clarify - is this the "Require password" setting in the "Security & Privacy" system preference?

    Or is it simply display sleep, which is configured in the "Energy Saver" system preference?

    Any further information you can supply would be very helpful.
  • I may be having the same issue. I run SS on a headless Mac mini (2012 2.6GHz quad, 16GB RAM) and never had anything like this happen on macOS Sierra or prior on OS X. Now, I am unable to access the SecuritySpy web client from within my LAN or remotely (the page just gets stuck loading) until I screen share into the Mac mini, at which point everything works again (temporarily). This effectively means that my cameras are not recording to the server or responding to motion detection at all during the night. Any insights?
  • I've got the same issue with a headless Mac mini. I've got it set up to 'Require password'. As long as I disable this everything keeps working. Used to work fine prior to High Sierra.
  • I'm doing a clean install on the Mac Mini as it was overdue anyway - doubt it will make much difference. However as the machine is left unattended by default I'm not keen on having to leave the screen unlocked.
  • This does seem to be some sort of change by Apple in High Sierra. In this state, the system seems to be suspending processing for running apps.

    Can everyone check if the Mac is actually going to sleep? Many Macs have a Sleep Indicator Light - if the Mac is sleeping, this will pulse on/off slowly. Does anyone see this?

    Also, make sure the "Allow automatic computer sleep" option is disabled in SecuritySpy under Preferences -> General.
  • When this happens I can still copy files to a from the servers shares. I made sure that the sleep is disabled. For me it seemed to be triggered once the password lock activated rather than any sleep timeout.
  • Locking the screen is all it takes to block everything.
  • Yeah, the Mac mini is not set to sleep in any way. Locking the screen is enough to make everything stop.
  • Mine is not set to sleep either.
  • Same issue here
  • I took the lock screen off my mac and it still stops working when screen goes to sleep. Soon as you wake the screen start working again
  • Disregard my last post seems to not be repeatable
  • Hello All,

    This is proving to be a difficult problem to track down and fix. I am able to reproduce it here, but only inconsistently, which is making debugging very difficult.

    Please can you all try running SecuritySpy in the following two conditions (please try one at a time):

    1. Make sure ALL of SecuritySpy's video windows are closed.

    2. Open Terminal (you'll find it in /Applications/Utilities/), enter the following, press return, and leave the Terminal window open: pmset noidle

    Do either of these prevent the problem from appearing?
  • I have found that with the password lock screen disabled from locking as part of the screen timeout function the problems occurs less frequently - but still occurs. I tried your above suggestion with the app windows hidden and the command running. Rather than wait for a timeout to occur with the screen lockout in it's own time I manually selected the Lock Screen open and found that the Security Spy web page immediately became unavailable. When I logged in again it resumed.
  • Thanks Dave. I've just emailed you a link to a beta version of SecuritySpy to test.
  • I installed and am running the beta and the problem persists just like before - server is accessible when actively screen sharing into my headless Mac mini, but connection is lost the instant the screen is locked.
  • There is a Supplimental Update available on the App Store for High Sierra. Just applied it and it seems to still stop SS from working.
  • I didn't have any issue with High Sierra until I installed the Supplemental Update which must have changed something. To fix it I set, under System Preferences/Users & Groups/Login Options, Automatic login: enabled. Under Security & Private, turn off everything under General esp. the screen lock. Prior to these changes whenever I connected with Screen Sharing I was asked to login once again and was logged out when I exited. Hope this helps...
  • Any update on this? Mine stops working anytime screen goes to sleep even using beta version and not having a lock screen set
  • Yes, we have been working on this (with the generous help of DaveGarratt) and believe we now have a solution. We have confirmed that this is a bug in macOS High Sierra, and we have submitted a report to Apple and hopefully this will be fixed soon.

    Meanwhile, we have implemented a workaround in SecuritySpy that should prevent the problem from occurring. Please download and install the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.1.8b3), and please report back after running this for a day or two.
  • i am a new user of SS and i can verify this issue is still happening with the beta version. Screen sleep seems to be ok to have activated, but screen lock will kill processes that i use *FTP* every time.
  • Hi @jennajon it's not clear from your description that this is the same problem that is being described above. I'll provide my feedback in your other related forum post Using Continuous Capture and timed FTP uploads.
  • I've been helping Ben with this problem and the beta version I have running on my Mac mini as been stable for the last 4-5 days. I FTP any movement triggered recordings to a raspberry Pi which has a 3TB disk attached. I have a physical monitor attached and I know some people have Mac Mini's running in a headless config. Don't know if this would make any difference to the issue.
  • Latest Beta seems to be working
  • Hi all, the beta has now been released as the new SecuritySpy 4.2 update, so I suggest you all update to this version.

    The bug is still present in macOS High Sierra, and will need to be fixed by Apple in a subsequent update, but I believe we have implemented an effective workaround that should prevent this problem from occurring.
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