iOS11 - Notifications
  • Hi Ben

    since upgrade to iOS11, I do not receive any Notification(s) on iPhone/iPad for motion detection. Did I forget to setup something?

    regards Uwe
  • Hi Uwe, we are unaware of any particular problems with this. Some troubleshooting steps are as follows:

    - In SecuritySpy on your Mac, hold the Alt key and click on the File menu, then from the "Debug" submenu, select "Clear All iOS Notification Devices".

    - Then, go to the iOS app and turn off notifications for the camera(s) in question, then turn notifications back on.

    Does this fix it?
  • Hi Ben

    Thanks for quick reply. Did it according your instruction, now waiting for a motion detection. Can’t sumulate it by myself since I’m abroad in Malaysia atm...
  • OK, found it. Notifications were partially disabled for some Cams and iPhones/iPads due to any reasons, maybe during update or whatever... Now it works again. Thanks a lot!
  • Great to hear you managed to get everything back up and running.

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