Possible to add "click and pan"?
  • I would love to have a feature where I just click on the video somewhere, and the camera would pan and center on that spot. Would be so much easier and faster. Is this even possible? (Maybe discussed earlier - don't know - if so - my apologies).
  • Hold the shift key on the keyboard and click on the live video image in SecuritySpy: the camera will pan/tilt in the direction based on that click (e.g. if you click on the right side of the image the camera will pan right).

    There is unfortunately no way for SecuritySpy to pan/tilt so that the camera is centred on the clicked point (because there is no way for SecuritySpy to know exactly how much to tell the camera to pan/tilt to achieve this).
  • This method does exist on some high value cameras. It is known as 3D positioning, and it is very useful, and saves a lot of time with pan/tilt/zoom.

    Search youtube for some examples
  • Is there any similar way to "Hold the shift key on the keyboard and click on the live video image in SecuritySpy.." in the iOS app?
  • In the iOS app, you need to view an individual camera, then tap the gear button in the bottom-right (or tap and hold on the camera's image itself) and select the "Control PTZ" option. This is currently the only way to control the PTZ in the iOS app.

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