different quality for videos uploaded to internet?
  • might it be possible to provide the option of specifying a lower quality setting for content uploaded to the internet (e.g. ftp) ? my files are rather large; 4mp cameras.

  • Hi Gregory,

    Sorry, this is not a feature of SecuritySpy at present. Re-encoding long high-resolution videos would require lots of CPU power, so is not going to be desirable for most users I think. I would suggest limiting your FTP uploads to the most important cameras, and perhaps looking at upgrading your Internet connection's upload speed if possible.

    Another option is to have an on-site FTP backup, if you can find somewhere secure that is away from your SecuritySpy Mac. A NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices can provide this functionality.
  • yes. understandable. I've watched MPEG Streamclip re-encode videos. it takes a long time and a lot of cpu power.

    btw, I've just ordered a Zavio B6530 camera. looking forward to setting it up although zoom without tilt/pan doesn't make sense to me. LOL!

    for absolute security though, I think we'd need to hide the PoE Injector and SecuritySpy server, and connect them both to a UPS. maybe a project for next year :)

  • The Zavio's "zoom" feature is more for the initial setup of the camera, so that you can choose the focal length of the lens that is best for the installation environment. I think it's designed to be set once upon installation, not to be continually used.

    Hiding the PoE injector and SecuritySpy would be a good idea for increased security, hopefully this won't be too difficult to achieve!
  • understood. thank you.

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