video bitrates... HIKVision cameras
  • In the Continuous Capture setup for cameras, there are settings for Capture Rate and Playback Rate. what does Playback Rate affect? It's not listed in the Help doc.

    And... in the native setup page for the cameras, there are settings for video:

    Frame rate: 20 fps
    Max. Bitrate: 5120 Kbps
    Max. Average Bitrate: 2488 Kbps

    does anyone have suggestions for the bitrate values? I can choose values up to 16,384.
  • The Capture Rate and Playback Rate in SecuritySpy are both specified in frames per second.

    The Playback Rate is for when you want the captured movie to play back at a different frame rate from the rate at which it was captured. The main use for this is for creating timelapse movies, where you might capture at 1fps but play back at 30fps, for example. It's a new addition, and it looks like we neglected to add this to the manual - I'll make sure to do this for the next update.

    As for the camera's settings, I would say that a 10fps frame rate is good for video surveillance, unless you need more for a particular reason. If the frame rate is too high, you're using your Mac's CPU and storage resources unnecessarily.

    As for the bit rate: if the camera has a variable bit rate (VBR) setting then I would recommend you use this, with a medium-to-high quality setting. If there is only the option for Constant Bit Rate (CBR) encoding, then choosing a value that's a little higher than the default setting is typically a good rule of thumb.
  • thank you Ben.

    I'm keeping higher frame rates for the moment because some of the videos will become memories. we have aging pets in our home, one of them 17 years old.


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