Question about Renewing TLS/SSL Certificates
  • My SSL certificate that I obtained from last year was a 1 year cert and it expires in October. Do I need to go through the entire process again to obtain a new certificate from Namecheap or is there a less-involved automated way that can be used where Namecheap sends me the updated certificate files with just an additional payment? I'm not sure how this certificate renewal works and I can't seem to find anything on the bensoftware website about certificate renewals. Thanks so much.
  • One way would be to go through the process again, as per our instructions. However you can re-use the same private key as last time.

    Namecheap also have their own instructions that may be easier: How do I renew an SSL certificate?, though I have never used this process myself, and looking at what you have to do, it may simply be easier to do it from scratch.

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