restoring unf files to mov
  • My recording RAID-0 drive had a hiccup and one died yesterday evening. This morning after shutting down and restoring operation all video files from yeseterday remained ".unf". How do I convert them back to mov files for viewing?
  • On the main security spy website go to 'our software', at the bottom there is 'movie fixer'.
  • I got the following when using the fixer on the unf files.

    There was an error processing the file
    No codec
    Error code: 37, -8961
  • Anoterh file got:

    Bad parameter
    Error code: 100, -50
  • On one file I tried I left the fps and resolution blank guessing the fixer app will use the info found in the input file, it ran wihtout error messages but I ended up with a all dark video.

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