Window position not saved on second monitor
  • If I put a camera window on my second monitor, which is where I usually want it, the window will re-open on the first monitor after it has been closed. This happens no matter where the "all cameras" window is located. If it's on the external display, the camera window will always open on the internal. Windows should remember their display and space location. And I think logically, they should open on the same display/space as the main window, though that's far less important to me.

    SS 4.1.6
    Mac OS 10.12.6
    iMac 5k 27" Late 2014
  • SecuritySpy does attempt to open windows in exactly the same place as they were when last closed, so it sounds like something could be going wrong with this mechanism.

    Before SecuritySpy shows a window, it will first check whether the window position is valid (e.g. actually visible on a monitor). Can you please check that the window in question is fully visible on screen, and that no part of it is beyond the bounds of any screen, when you close it?

    Also, could you please let me know which particular window you see this problem for, or do you see the same problem for all windows in SecuritySpy?
  • All of the windows misbehave, but they do so slightly differently. I have tried just putting the window right in the middle of the second display, so it's definitely in a valid area and fully visible. The all cameras window will re-open on the main display in the same vertical position but horizontally centered. The single camera windows open in the same vertical position but stuck to the right of the screen (edge closest to the other display). Camera info behaves the same as the all cameras window. Browser behaves the same as a single camera window.

    Everything works correctly if I close a window while it is on the main display.

    I'm happy to do any testing or send any files that would help.

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