Problems with MultiStream Setup in Camera and SS
  • I have several AVTech AVM552 Camera's. They work fine as long as i don't change one of the streams in the Camera to 1280x720, at that point SS refuses to connect to the Camera. Very odd behaviour. I tested with my Synology which doesn't have a problem when i change these settings.

    Anyone has an idea of what is going on ?
  • I suggest you leave the stream at its maximum resolution for the best quality. Though there is no specific reason why SecuritySpy wouldn't be able to connect when the camera is set to a lower resolution.

    One thing you could try is to use the ONVIF profile (instead of the AVTECH profile) under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device, and press the "Choose Stream" button to see what streams the camera makes available via ONVIF. Hopefully one of these will have suitable parameters for your purposes.
  • I'll try just that, will let you know...
  • Hhmmm, very varying results. Maybe my Camera gets overloaded ?
  • Maybe i have a workaround for my problem. How should i configure SS to connect to a Stream of Synology Surveillance Station ? It's a RTSP Stream
  • Yes it's possible for SecuritySpy to pull the streams from the Synology Surveillance Station - it has a function called Share Stream Path, which will give you a RTSP URL in the form:


    To set this up in SecuritySpy, use the "Manual configuration" profile, set RTSP as the format, set the address of the Surveillance Station, and enter the request from the above URL into the Request box. You'll probably need to enter the Surveillance Station's username and password too.

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