Can SS get IVS data from the camera....?
  • I was looking at some IP cams online and noticed that some claim to have in camera analytics (IVS) can SS read this data from the camera...?

    FYI, one of the cams I was looking at was:


  • Hi Robert,

    SecuritySpy cannot get analytics data from IP cameras, however it can use the on-camera motion detection in Dahua, Amcrest and Hikvision cameras (this list may expand in the future as we work on this more). This is useful to offload the motion-detection task from SecuritySpy to the camera, to reduce CPU usage on the Mac running SecuritySpy.
  • Hi Ben, isn't "motion detection" data the same as "analytics"... data?


  • "Analytics" implies a bit more than just motion-detection: things like tripwire detection, missing object detection, people counting etc.

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