SV3C Camera on 3.4.10
  • Hey guys, had to replace a couple of broken cameras. Thought I would try the SV3C for the price. Right now I'm still on version 3.4.10 (works fine), but I can't get these cameras to recognize via ONVIF. I don't know the IP address of the camera in order to go in and program it, but hoped it would be recognized. I sent an email to SV3C as what the default IP address and can I address it directly. Any ideas or should I send back to Amazon?
  • Unlike SecuritySpy version 4, SecuritySpy version 3 does not have have automatic ONVIF device discovery, but you should be able to use our Network Device Finder app to find the IP address of your camera.

    Once you know the IP address, you can test this with the ONVIF profile in SecuritySpy v3. If this works, then you should give the camera a static IP address on your network.

    If you can't get the ONVIF profile in SecuritySpy v3 to work, then I'm afraid the only option would be to upgrade to SecuritySpy v4 (which has automatic ONVIF device discovery, which negates the need to use the Network Device Finder or to give the camera a static IP address). There are of course many more good reasons to upgrade to SecuritySpy version 4, so you might like to consider this anyway.
  • I borrowed a friend's Windows laptop and was able to set them up. Thanks Ben.

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