IOS app request: nightstand mode
  • It would be great if it was possible to have a Nightstand type mode in the SS app where it prevented auto lock on the phone but blanked the screen until motion/audio detection was triggered on selected cameras and then turned on the screen and sent audio through the phone speaker (or output of choice) until the user reset it.

    That way we could easily use SS as a baby monitor, Wouldn't need any server side config either :-)
  • Interesting idea, though if you are viewing one camera in the iOS app it will already prevent screen auto-lock, and if you enable the "hiss reduction" feature in SecuritySpy's Preferences, you should simply hear silence until there is some actual real noise. So you could simply leave the phone awake showing the camera, perhaps with the brightness turned down, or with the phone turned over so the light from the screen is not visible.

    Do you think this would do what you want?
  • Thanks Ben, I'd prefer to leave the brightness to auto and have the video actually disabled to reduce network traffic if possible - so that way its a launch the app and forget in the evenings. It would also reduce the load on the SS server (I think?) by only sending the video when the app triggers it?
  • Hi Andy, I understand what you are describing, but this is somewhat different to how the app works currently, and I don't think that adding such a feature should be high on our list of priorities as it will not be useful for most users. Perhaps you can use the push notification feature, to notify you when the SecuritySpy server detect sound. Then you could simply swipe the notification to go directly to the live video in the app. This way, you don't get the server load or network traffic of constant streaming, but you still get notified if the baby wakes up.
  • No worries thanks Ben, thats not a bad idea cheers

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