ios app captured footage bug
  • I've been having an issue with the ios app that I'm curious about. When scanning through the captured footage, it appears that the app does a query to get a set of items... when I scroll to the last one of the set, it will (not always) start listing items from the first of the set... the next time I get to the end of the set, it will correctly re-query to get the next set. Continuing down the list, this behavior repeats. Does anybody else experience this? Is there a known cause/fix?
  • I have noticed the same issue.
  • If I am understanding correctly, you are seeing some files listed twice? So that when you get to the bottom, and it adds more files to view, it doesn't always add the correct files?

    Are you both using the latest version of the iOS app and SecuritySpy?
  • Ben -- your understanding is correct... when you get to the bottom of the list, it doesn't add new files, but it instead re-lists earlier files again.... and then when you reach the end of the list again, it will properly get the next set of files.
    Yes, I'm using the latest iOS app and SecuritySpy.
  • Thanks, this sounds like a bug in macOS SecuritySpy. We'll look into it and hope to fix it for the next update. I'll contact you directly if I need anything further.
  • Ben -- thanks for the great product and the great support!
  • Did this get addressed in the new update? If so, it seems that it didn't work. :(
  • Sorry for the late reply to this, upon further investigation this is actually a bug in the iOS app, not macOS SecuritySpy. So it will have to wait until the next iOS app update, which will be in a month or two.

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