Opening Camera Spontaneously Starts PTZ Motion Anyone?
  • Has anyone else seen their PTZ cameras start moving just by opening or closing a view of a camera? I mean WITHOUT clicking on any motion buttons or keyboard motion controls.

    I have seen this on a rare occasion. For instance, double clicking on a PTZ camera to display a camera in its own window sometimes causes the camera to shift slightly or even begin an infinite motion. Fortunately, it is very rare, but can be disconcerting.
  • I found a way to replicate the weird, spontaneous PTZ motion.

    1. Select several PTZ cameras for simultaneous live view in Safari.

    2. View the set of cameras and bookmark the collection.

    3. Click on a camera to view just that camera.

    4. Use BACK ARROW in Safari to view the set of cameras. <-- this seems to be the critical step. (Swiping right to go back will also set up this spontaneous motion bug)<br />
    5. Click on another PTZ and you will view that camera BUT that camera will also MOVE despite not activating any motion controls.

    Could someone test if they also see this happen with their PTZ's?

    This happens in 4.1.5, but also in recent betas.

    I suspect the underlying issue is an interaction between Safari's back cache and Security Spy.
  • Another observation….

    If one returns to a web page of PTZ cameras via Safari’s back function, the mouse cursor becomes a 4 way arrow when mousing within any PTZ camera view.
    if a montage is opened directly from a bookmark (not via back function), the mouse cursor remains a selection hand when mousing within PTZ camera views.

    The back cache somehow changes how a page of PTZ cameras is displayed in Safari.
  • Hi Guy, this should be fixed in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.1.6b2) - please confirm.
  • Ben, you are SO fast doing fixes. Simply amazing.

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