DLNA Streams for Smart TV?
  • Feature request here: it would be really great to be able to switch to a DLNA input stream to watch a camera live view (on a smart TV's input menu, for example). It might be reassuring for people to be able to use a bedroom TV as a cctv monitor some of the time.

    I know that some IPTV boxes (and the Plex media server app) provide these streams, so I don't think it's technically difficult or expensive. I guess this could be some additional code behind the web server, with an interface to decide which cams to show and whether to form a multi-cam view or stream individually. I think this would be a really helpful feature.

    Is it something you've looked at and discounted? Or is this a possibility?
  • This isn't really something that has been requested by customers, so we haven't looked into it in detail. We already have a solution for viewing your cameras on TVs, which is our SecuritySpy Apple TV app, which is probably why there isn't much demand for other TV solutions. Therefore at this time we won't be investing the development effort required to implement DLNA, though this may change in the future if this becomes a frequently-requested feature.
  • OK, thank you! Maybe I should look on ebay for a 4th gen apple TV....
  • Hi Ben,

    I went and found this post. That would actually be brilliant to have SecuritySpy stream a DLNA stream across a local lan. Most, if not all, TVs are capable of supporting DLNA. To push one button to pull up a stream of all your cameras would be fantastic. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th me as a big fan of this!

    That and if you could stream to Amazon's Echo Show, that would be great...ok! Thanks Ben!

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