70901,800 Error?
  • "05/23/2017 19:53:38: Error communicating with the network device "XXXXXXX". 4.1.5b9,70901,800 Failed to obtain video frame from network device. The operation timed out. "
  • This is a timeout that happens when a video stream is being received, but then it unexpectedly stops. When this happens, SecuritySpy will report the error and will repeatedly attempt to reconnect to the camera until it reestablishes the connection.

    Causes of this problem can be due to the network (e.g. bad WiFi signal) or due to the camera (check for firmware updates from the manufacturer).
  • It is a bug. The cameras are bulletproof in MobiLinc. The Mac mini server running SecuritySpy is connected to my wifi router no more than 15 ft. away. Any other suggestions? There are no firmware updates available, and this was working with high stability in 4.1.3.
  • What is the make and model of this camera?

    Could you please try SecuritySpy 4.1.3: http://bensoftware.com/securityspy/SecuritySpy413.dmg

    And then SecuritySpy 4.1.4: http://bensoftware.com/securityspy/SecuritySpy414.dmg

    If there is a bug, then this comparison should confirm it. Then please email us SecuritySpy's log file (in the File menu in SecuritySpy, choose "Open Log", then save the file to your Desktop and attach it to your email).
  • 4.1.3 has been running for close to one hour...and has not generated a log entry. 4.1.4 has generated PAGES of them. 4 Sharx Security SCNC2700W cameras. Email inbound.
  • Scratch that...every so often, I need to "nudge" the Mac (either over Remote Desktop or using the physical mouse) to reconnect the SecuritySpy server to the network. Odd. macOS 10.12.5
  • Thanks for sending the log, I will have a look and get back to you by email. This doesn't seem to be down to the specific SecuritySpy version, but does seem to be some kind of system-wide idle sleep that isn't getting disabled somehow.
  • Still present in 4.1.5 final.
  • I am seeing some 70900,800, but also 70901,800 errors.
  • I actually have the same issue needing to "nudge" my Mac mini. I have no idea why, but as soon as I remote in it always brings my camera back. I just updated so I will see if the issue persists for me
  • VERY interesting. What cameras/ OS are you using? Any chance you have installed an SSD?

    4.1.6...still the same issues for me. The software for its intended purpose is basically useless at this point for me. I have reset the SMC. I have reset the PRAM. I have cleared caches. Unreliable DVR is the same as unSAFE DVR in my application. I hope this can be addressed. If I recall correctly, this may have started with 10.12.5 and any SecuritySpy update that corresponded closely with that update being posted.
  • nbraun18 one other question: what type of monitor are you connected to? HDMI? DisplayPort? DVI? VGA?
  • UPDATE: This is overkill for most, but I had a complete set of brand new replacement cameras to install. They are ONVIF-compatible Sharx Security SCNC2924 cameras, and I set them up as ONVIF cameras. In other words, I nuke-and-paved my old SecuritySpy settings and set up 4 new cameras.

    When I "nudge" the Mac mini, often when Apple Remote Desktop connects, SecuritySpy is unresponsive for 20-30 seconds (rainbow wheel and all) and then the cameras eventually reconnect. It would be difficult to convince me at this point that this ISN'T a SecuritySpy/macOS 10.12.5 incompatibility...because as I have mentioned before, the camera connections (yes...all over wifi) are BULLETPROOF in MobiLincCam.

    As frustrating as the fact that this all USED to work is the fact that I am not getting much in the way of customer support. I am being given no choice at this point but to start considering other options. Fortunately the cameras themselves DVR about a day's worth of video, so at least I have SOMETHING.
  • Possible corruption in the way MacOS is treating Security Spy's app nap settings?
    1. shutting down SS
    2. get info on the SS app
    3. Verity that "prevent app nap" is check marked.
    4. close app info
    5. relaunch SS

    I think SS probably has the flag set internally, but if MacOS is confused, it may not respect the setting and still nap the app. If that happens, you see some odd, irregular periods of non-responsiveness for an app.

    You could also try disabling app nap globally to see if that helps....http://osxdaily.com/2014/05/13/disable-app-nap-mac-os-x/
  • Sierra doesn't present "Disable App Nap" in the Get Info window. I have disabled it globally (weeks ago) to no effect.
  • I may be zeroing in on this: if I shut down SecuritySpy, and connect over Apple Remote Desktop, connection is near-instantaneous. If SecuritySpy is running, the connection grinds away for 20-30 seconds before it connects. Like other's have mentioned, I am seeing high VTDecoderXPCService CPU cycles while SecuritySpy runs.
  • Sorry we haven't been able to resolve this for you yet - this issue has us stumped at the moment. It sounds very much like App Nap, however you have disabled it, and SecuritySpy also disables it, so this seems unlikely to be the culprit. There is no reason I can think of why SecuritySpy would stall, and why nudging the Mac with Screen Sharing brings it back. Furthermore, we can't reproduce this ourselves, and we have has just one or two other users reporting this, so it's proving very difficult to troubleshoot.

    You mentioned something interesting above: that when you connect you see that SecuritySpy is unresponsive with a spinning cursor for 30 seconds. It would be very interesting to see what SecuritySpy is attempting to do at this point, and might give us some clues. So when this happens, please open Activity Monitor, select SecuritySpy from the list of processes (it should say "not responding"), click the gear icon at the top left of the window, and select "Sample process". Then please email us the resulting log.

    Meanwhile, I will put together a test version of SecuritySpy that outputs some further logging, and will send it to you by email (probably tomorrow).
  • Thank you. I have emailed the sample file.
  • I have tracked this to using a "cycle" mode video window. Keeping the window in grid mode returns stability/ eliminates disconnections.
  • Just want to chime in on this old thread. I experienced the exact same issues after adding "cycle" mode viewing window. SecuritySpy was freezing and not responding and all the cameras would disconnect. I am on the latest version of SS on a brand new iMac. I have since disabled cycle mode for now, but would love to be able to use it in the future without reliability issues. Would a appreciate an update on tracking down this bug.

    Thanks Ben.

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