Error Log - Error Performing Motion Capture
  • Within the past few weeks, I have been sporadically receiving the error below about 4-5 times a day. It seems to correct itself and continues to record, but any idea what could be causing the issue? For the past year everything has been working fine with no errors. Nothing has changed with my computer setup. But, I just noticed I was running an older version (4.1.2), so I updated to 4.1.4. Not sure if that will fix the problem.

    "Error performing motion capture for the camera "Camera Name", motion capture mode has been unarmed. (Failed to record video frame 5575,818 The key frame (I-frame) rate from the network device is too low (GOV length too high), please locate and change this setting in the device)"
  • What you'll need to do is log on to the affected cameras(s) using a web browser, and reduce their I-frame interval (this may be called "I-frame rate", "Key frame interval" or "GOV length"). Codecs such as H.264 that employ temporal compression make use of I-frames (which encode the whole image) followed by multiple P-frames (which encode only the changes since the last frame). The more P-frames you have between each I-frame, the lower the bandwidth of the stream, but the more difficult it is to process.

    A good rule of thumb is to set the I-frame interval to around 2x the frame rate of the video stream. So for example if your cameras are streaming at 10fps, then use an I-frame interval of 20.

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