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  • I'm using SecuritySpy v3.4.8 with 7 cameras and have lost function of my browser. When clicking on any of the camera tabs it shows Files (0). SecuritySpy is still working as there are movies being saved to the destination folders with new folders being created daily. I might also add that I do have SecuritySpy v4.0.10 installed and can see the movies in the that browser when launched, though I don't use v4 as I really don't like the browser functionality. Any idea what I can do to recover the use of the browser? Thanks in advance, Mikey2112
  • Hi Mikey, this isn't a known problem and I'm afraid I'm not immediately sure what could be going wrong here. Have you specified some custom capture destinations for your cameras? Perhaps it's a confusion with these, so I would suggest going to each camera, resetting the capture destination, and then setting it again to the custom location. Then restart your Mac and try the Browser again.

    Also, make sure that any drives you are capturing to are formatted in the "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" format.

    The other option is to use SecuritySpy's web interface in order to view captured files.

    As you probably know, SecuritySpy 3.x has now been discontinued for a while, so if this is a bug (perhaps an incompatibility with newer system software) we are unfortunately unable to fix it.
  • Hi Ben,

    I don't have any custom destination, the files are being saved to a WD 4TB Purple drive that is for SecuritySpy use only. I did go to each camera and reset the destination, but as I noted SecuritySpy was functioning properly with recordings and new folders being created daily. I'm running SS on a custom built hakintosh running headless in a hidden location in my home. I never thought of rebooting it until I read your response and voila, it worked, I've got my browser back!!!

    One last thing, I like the browser settings in the browser pull-down menu in v3, it allows me to view motion detected files right when the action started (Start movies at XX seconds from beginning) as I had set the cameras to pre-capture xx seconds in the camera settings/motion capture tab. I like the pre-capture buffer because sometimes you catch something you might not get without it. I paid for an upgrade to v4 and couldn't find this feature, am I missing something, or is this possible in v4?

    Thanks for your help,
    Mikey in SF NorCal
  • Hi Mikey,

    Great to hear you got your v3 Browser back!

    This setting isn't available in version 4, but I'll see if we can add it in the next update, as it's certainly useful when you are using the pre-capture feature.
  • Hi Ben,

    I finally ditched v3 all together now and am enjoying v4 along with the companion ios version of SS. Just checking if the browser feature that I mentioned could be implemented in the next SS update? Thanks for your consideration.

  • Hi Mike, good to hear that.

    Hold the alt (option) key when clicking on a motion-capture file in the Browser, and it will jump to the start of the first actual motion in the file.
  • Thanks Ben, that was just what I was looking for!

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