Error window message for Logitech C920 webcam
  • I keep getting

    "Error from camera "C920", it will be closed. (Failed to obtain video frame from local device 7100,800 The operation timed out)"

    in the error window. Most time it does not affect operation, sometimes that camera (Logitech C920) will show Offline and I have to restart SS to get it back on-line. Sometimes even restarting won't and I'll have to unplug and replug that camera.

    It is the only USB webcam on the system (2008 Mac Pro) along with 12 ip cameras.
  • This is unusual for USB cameras. When this happens, SecuritySpy will repeatedly try to reconnect, however in this state it sounds like the camera has gone completely offline (indicated by the fact that you have to unplug and replug the camera to get it to be recognised by the system again).

    You could try connecting the camera to a different USB port, however there is not much else I can suggest unfortunately. It could be a faulty camera. I'd recommend replacing it with an IP camera if possible.
  • Just had one of the C920's go bad where I work (a couple of months ago) after running for around 2 years - verified by testing with a known good one which didn't have the problem of failing after running for a little while.

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