Hikvision Fixed FPS
  • The FPS box is greyed out for hikvision cams and it uses the maximum FPS from the camera.
    I want to use say 5 from the 20. I don't want to lower the 20 as I'm also using another system too to access that camera
    Is this possible with the Hikvision Profile?
  • Some cameras have multiple stream options - you may be able to set SecuritySpy to use the alternate stream which you could set to a lower FPS (usually the alternate stream is lower quality as well, but many cameras let you adjust all/most of the settings on each stream)
    I don't have a hikvision to give specific instructions unfortunately.
  • As Brian says, the way to go here is to set the frame rate in the camera's settings pages, either for the main profile or for the secondary profile. You choose between the profiles in SecuritySpy using the "Input or stream number" setting under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device.

    This particular option is not available in SecuritySpy when you set up the camera, because the camera doesn't allow clients to specify a frame rate when requesting the video stream (other cameras, such as Axis, do allow this).

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