i need help forscam FI9816P V2
  • hy
    i use the latest ss update and that cam FI9816P V2
    I use now firmware but the camera will not work in ss
    http port 88
    rtsh 88
    forscam h,264
    h.264 trap

    all setup in the camera is by factory

    Please don't wonder,  the text is curiously because I can only move my head. Thank you for your understanding.

    Kind Regards
    Jürgen Manthey
  • i have update the firmware nothing
  • If the Foscam H.264 profile won't work with the http port you specified, (and "Format: H.264 RTSP (video and audio)

    try the ONVIF (default port might be 888, but check the camera settings) -
    Format: RTSP TCP (video and audio)
    with input or stream number: 1

    I've used both with slightly different Foscam cameras but from the same basic FI98xx series cameras.

    "Use SSL" probably shouldn't be checked. (and to start at least, also leave both "recompress" options unchecked)
  • Brian's suggestions are good - you could try ONVIF to see if that works. When using ONVIF, SecuritySpy should automatically detect the ONVIF port (but you could try 888 too, if that's what the camera's ONVIF port is set to).

    Otherwise, when using the Foscam H.264 profile, try both 88 and 554 as the RTSP port. Some Foscams use the non-standard port 88 while others use the standard port 554.
  • hy
    it works :) great with
    Foscam H.264 profile,and "Format: H.264 RTSP (video and audio and http 554 and rtspt 554 .(Where do these ports come crazy:))
    onvif not work
    thanks Brian and ben

    ben my email now superfluous

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