Port Forwarding stopped working!
  • My Port Forwarding has stopped working. I am on v4.0.10 on my iMac 2011 i5.
    It's on the same network. Security Spy 1.0.2 App connects fine locally.
    I can connect from the Server's browser and also from another Mac on the network.
    At the router, the Fixed host IP address has been reserved for the Server, which is The Server does always get this IP.

    Port Forwarding as always is still set up on the Billion Router. Under Virtual Server, TCP Port 9999 has been forwarded to port 9999 to
    When doing a port forward check it is successful.
    I can remotely ping the IP.
    Internet Access is working fine on the Mac.
    However can not access the browser page externally, using the viewcam name or the direct IP.

    The only thing that I can recall that I did was take the router out of the equation and disabled Modem mode on the Virgin Router. This was so they can diagnose broadband speed issues. After that, I enabled Modem Mode and re-connected my Billion Router. Other than that, I have upgraded the macOS Sierra.

    The page does not load up. On Firefox it says the Connection was reset. On Chrome, it says:
    The 92.xxx.xxx.139 page isn’t working
    92.xxx.xxx.139 didn’t send any data.

    I have other forwarded ports for a different purpose and they are still working fine.

    I have restarted Security Spy, the the Billion Router, and the Server to no avail.

    Any ideas anyone?

  • Hi Abid,

    It's probably not a coincidence that this stopped working after you changed your router configuration. Perhaps the Virgin router is still in router mode, rather than modem mode? To check this, log on to the Billion router and locate where it reports the Internet (WAN) IP address. Compare this to the Internet IP address obtained from WhatIsMyIPAddress.com. If they are different, then the Virgin box is acting as a router.
  • The IP addresses are the same and the other port forwarding to an NVR is still working.
    However, I will log in directly to the Super Hub to check and confirm. And I will restart the Super Hub and Router again.
    It looks like its something to do with Security Spy. I say this because when I do a port forward check it's OPEN when SS is running and CLOSED when SS is not running and CLOSED when the Web Server is unchecked.
  • Checked Super Hub settings, it's in Modem Mode. Restarted everything and been tinkering around with Router port forwarding settings all evening and still not working.
    Tried on MacBook and port forwarding works fine there. Noticed iMac getting very slow and hard drive constantly churning away so much that it's irritating. Probably not connected but looks like it's time to prepare for a dying HD.
    If it's not the hard drive, it would be nice if I could figure out why it's not working.
    Looking forward to installing a fresh installation of Sierra on a brand new HD.
  • Please can you email us your actual viewcam.me address and your public IP address, along with screenshots of the Web settings in SecuritySpy and your router port forwarding setup, and we'll take a look to see if we can spot any problems.
  • Thank you Ben, I appreciate that. It's okay I am doing a complete re-install. If that doesn't work, then I'll email as you offered. 
  • Installed new SSD in iMac.
    New copy of SS installed on Sierra
    I'm back up and running. Thanks.  

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