How to add a usb cam?
  • Hello,

    i want to add a usb cam (PS3 EyeToy) in SecuritySpy 4.0.8, but i can only add network cams.
    Any advice?

    Best regards
  • I should post more infos on this...

    So i have a Macmini 2012 with all updates. Macam is installed. I use a Hikam S5 Mini (works nearly perfekt with SecuritySpy!) and now i want to use my old PS3 cam as a second cam in SecuritySpy, but SecuritySpy dont recognize the PS3 cam.
    If i add a new cam i can only add network cams. Strange thing is if i add a new network cam i can choose in the audio options the PS3 cam as an audio device so the audio part of the cam is recognized but it shows no video.
    I know 2 usb cams wont work because of usb bus bandwith limitations, but one network cam and one usb cam should be possible?

    Sorry for my bad english...
  • If the camera is recognised, it will appear in that menu that pops up when you click the plus button, under where it says "Add network device". The fact that it's not showing up there indicates a driver issue.

    Many USB cameras are UVC-compliant, which means that they work with the built-in driver software provided by macOS. However, your camera is not UVC-compliant, and so it will need some driver software installed. Do you have Mac driver software for this camera? A quick internet search indicates that it may only work with the macam driver software, which is not great news, because this isn't particularly reliable in our experience. In addition, you may have to use the 32-bit version of SecuritySpy rather than the 64-bit version (both are included in the main SecuritySpy download).

    In light of the above, I would recommend you use a different camera, ideally a network camera that is already on our list of supported cameras.

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