Cameras with IO port support
  • Hi,

    I see in an old thread the following. Does SecuritySpy support the IO ports from all cameras from these suppliers? Is there a way to tell which cameras are supported from the supported camera list?

    "Installing a PIR is a good solution - you would hook this up to one of the cameras IO ports (also known as "digital input" or "external input" ports), as long as SecuritySpy supports the IO ports of your particular camera (Axis, Canon and D-Link are currently supported for this)."


  • Hi Dave,

    We are confident that ALL Axis and Canon camera models are supported for IO ports. With D-Link, we have tested as many models as we could get our hands on, and haven't yet found any incompatibility, however D-Link is far less consistent with their programming interfaces than the other two manufacturers, so if you have any doubt, go with Axis or Canon.

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