Trouble connecting Remote Patrol since update
  • Might be coincidental, but lately Remote Patrol won't connect to SecuritySpy Web Server. Anybody else having this problem?
  • There is no particular issue with Remote Patrol and the latest version of SecuritySpy that we are aware of - we have tested this ourselves and have had no reports from other users. Most likely this is a configuration issue somewhere. Are you able to connect to SecuritySpy via a standard web browser (e.g. Safari)? If not, then there is some problem with your IP setup, port forwarding, or DDNS name - please see our Remote Monitoring instructions for further information.
  • Remote Patrol works fine for me until I updated to 4.0.8. Still connects, works, and shows a list of recordings. However, the timestamp on the recording makes no sense. It is off by 4 hours. I.e. if the recording is actually for 10:27, the description time stamp says 14:27. This is not the case using the webpage.

  • I just upgraded to 4.0.8, and now Remote Patrol is showing times that are off by 6 hours. For example, Motion recordings from 9:36 AM show in the Remote Patrol search as 3:36 PM. The Browser in SecuritySpy shows the correct time, which is also included in the recorded file.
  • The upgrade to 4.08 has also caused My Remote Patrol app to incorrectly show the time of the recordings made with SecuritySpy. I'm not sure if the Remote Patrol developer reads this forum. But it seems it's more likely a bug in 4.08 and not Remote Patrol. Perhaps Ben can let us know?
  • I'm having the same issue with Remote Patrol and Security Spy 4.08
  • Sorry about the incorrect time, we are now aware of this issue. It's actually caused by a bug in versions of SecuritySpy previous to 4.0.8, with a confusion with time zones. Both SecuritySpy and Remote Patrol were incorrectly interpreting the date as a local date in the time zone of the SecuritySpy server, whereas the date should be specified in the GMT time zone. By fixing this bug we've unfortunately made the dates appear wrong in RP. I'm in contact with the developers and hope to have a resolution soon.
  • After corresponding with the developer of Remote Patrol, we've come up with a workaround for the next update of SecuritySpy, which will be 4.0.9. In the mean time, you can use the latest beta version of SecuritySpy, which includes this fix.

    Please confirm it's fixed in the beta.
  • Thanks, Ben!

    I just installed the beta. Initial observations are that the issue is resolved. I'll test more thoroughly later today and report back if I find any problems.
  • I also installed the beta. Looks resolved - thanks!!
  • Having the same issue here on 7 different installs.
    It is off by 5 hours

    Installed the latest beta but no joy.
  • Me Too. Getting a orange light from Pemote Patrol. 'Unable to connect with SecuritySpy from Remote Patrol. Went down around 7:00am Pacific time. SS 4.08 is running and recording. Can't log onto web server. Will try Beta update when i get home.
  • Came back up at 5:00 pm. Go figure?
    Happy Halloween!

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