Can't get IP address of cameras
  • In the Device Setup panel, I enter my camera brand Acti and in the address field I get the Bonjour name for the camera, but the IP address does not come up. How can I get the IP address. I've tried Network Device Finder, but that doesn't reveal it.
  • You can use the Bonjour name in SecuritySpy: simply select it from the menu. However, if the Network Device Finder is not finding the camera then this indicates that either you are searching on the wrong port (perhaps the camera is set to a non-standard port or Network Device Finder is not set to the default port 80), or that the camera is not on the same subnet as the rest of your network, in which case it would be uncontactable.

    Try copying and pasting the Bonjour address obtained in SecuritySpy into Safari. Hopefully it will be able to connect to the camera, where you can check and adjust all its settings, including its network settings.

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