Connect cameras without a router?
  • I have PoE cameras. Can I run these cameras through a powered switch directly to my Mac without using a router? I don't intend to access SecuritySpy from the internet.
  • Yes you can, though the initial setup may be more difficult, depending on the camera. Routers have a built-in DHCP service for automatically distributing IP addresses to devices on the network, and many cameras use this by default.

    Some cameras (e.g. Dahua) come pre-set to a static IP address, and in this case the setup will be relatively straightforward, as no router is required.

    However, many cameras will be factory-set to obtain an IP address automatically using DHCP, and this requires a router on the network (though some of these will also have a fall-back static IP if no DHCP server is found after a certain time; consult the camera's user manual for further information).

    Once you know the camera's static IP address, user our setting up network cameras instructions - see the Cameras with a Fixed Address by Default section.

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