Where is the mask?
  • In SS3, I configured a mask for a camera, which was very good to mask some public areas.
    (Viewing public areas is forbidden in France without authorization)

    But I can find this option in SS4. I missed something or this feature is disappear in SS4?
  • I think you are referring to the "video blanking" mask. This was removed in version 4, because not many people were using it. However we have since been informed that this is a legal requirement in certain countries, as you correctly state, so we'll be adding this feature back soon.
  • Yes it's the video blanking feature.
    And yes it's a requirement in France, we cannot record events on a public area.
    Ok i will wait for the update.
    Thanks :)
  • I'm pleased to report that the video blacking mask has been reinstated, in the latest SecuritySpy update (currently 4.0.2).

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