Do We Need to Manually Delete Old Footage Files for File Storage Transition from V3 to V4?
  • Security Spy 3.x and Security Spy 4.x use different naming conventions for video footage files.

    SS's browser doesn't see the files created by the older Security Spy version 3x. That worries me a bit regarding old footage files and whether one needs to manually clear space for new video capture files.

    Do we need to manually delete all the old file that were created under the old naming convention to make room for the new files, or does SS 4.x recognize that those were Security Spy video files and automatically delete them as space is needed?

  • The transition should be seamless - v4 should recognise all v3 files. The directory structure is different, but v4 should account for this by moving things around when it first launches and detects that it's coming from al old version. However, if the new Browser isn't finding the old files, this does indicates that something went wrong with this procedure. Most users haven't had problems, but we have heard from a handful of people for which this has been the case unfortunately.

    If the old files are within the ~/Documents/SecuritySpy/Captured Files/ folder, then they should be deleted automatically when required. However, if they are in a custom capture destination somewhere else, and the new Browser isn't finding the files, then most likely they won't be deleted automatically.
  • Ah.... That's probably why. My footage gets recorded on a 12 TB external.

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