Camera mounting tips?
  • My new house was pre-wired for IP cameras in a number of locations. The LV contractor ran the cables to standard plastic (rectangular) junction boxes. My HikVision bullet cameras have these round four hole bases that don't line up with anything on the junction boxes. Any suggestions for suppliers of adapter plates?


  • Hi Joe,

    I presume these are bullet cameras? The base would normally allow for the camera to be mounted on a wall with the wires going straight out the back through the wall, but also it should have a notch/hole in it for when you want the wires coming out the side of the base. Do your cameras have this? This diagram is from the user manual for a Hikvision bullet cam - notice the notch in the base:


    So what you would do is mount the camera on the wall right next to the junction box, and run the wire out through the notch into a hole in the side of the junction box.

    You could try to mount the camera directly on the junction box itself, but it's not designed for this purpose, and it might be difficult to mount it securely.
  • Ouch. The WAF is going to be bad if there's a visible cable going from the camera to the junction box. And then I'm going to need a cover for the junction box with a pass-through hole in it. Not good.

    I just got a Dahua dome camera to test out. Similar issue, but it has three mounting holes. It comes with a template that would be used on a solid surface mount. But these are going on the soffits, and I don't think the soffit material is solid enough for a mount. I really need to mount to the junction box which is secured to the truss.
  • It's difficult to imagine exactly what you are describing. Are these cameras going outside, under the overhang of a roof?

    With the wire going out of the side of the base, if the camera is right next to the box then you won't really see it. Mount the camera to the wall if the soffit is not strong enough.

    Alternatively, if you think the junction box will make the strongest and neatest mount, and is is large enough so that you can get at least 3 of the 4 screws into it, then this may be the best solution all round. Simply screw in the cameras to the front of the box, it should be secure enough. I don't think you're going to find any mounting place that is made specifically for this purpose though.
  • Yes, under the overhang. That's what the soffit is, the horizontal material under the overhang. On some houses it's a fairly solid surface, but mine it's a somewhat flimsy vented material. That's because of the amount of attic venting needed here in SWFL.

    Best idea so far seems to be to get metal junction box covers and drill holes in them to match up with the holes on the camera bases, then bolt the camera to the plate and screw the plate into the junction box. For the bullet camera, anyway.

    I do have one commercial mount for dome camera coming today that's meant to attach to different sizes of junction boxes. We'll see how that does.

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