Can you have different destinations for camera capture files?
  • I'd like to send captured movies for cameras 1 & 2 to dropbox and camera 3 to a local drive. How can one do this?
  • The setting you are looking for is called "Capture destination" and is at the bottom of the Setup section of the Camera Settings window. This allows you to choose where the captured files are saved, on a per-camera basis.
  • Further to you, can save motion detected videos in a different location to continuous captures?

    Or will I have to set up two feeds from the same capture with different save locations?
  • The only way to do this is to set up two separate feeds for the same camera, and set them to different capture destinations. If you set the two instances up with exactly the same settings in the Video Device Settings window, SecuritySpy will recognise this and count them only once towards your license allowance.
  • Is there any plans to implement multiple save locations on one feed in future versions? From a resources point of view my iMac can't handle that many streams!
  • Sorry this is not planned for a future version of SecuritySpy at this time. However adding the camera twice shouldn't significantly increase the CPU usage, because CPU-intensive tasks such as video decompression will be done only once, because SecuritySpy will recognise that the feed is from the same camera.
  • Wow thanks this is great info! I've been trying to compromise recording resolution and re-streaming resolution. This one camera two feeds trick lets SS records at the max resolution and re-streams at 640x360 to my phone at a high fps. Thanks again but I should have read the manual more.
  • Is there a way to request the SS Web Server to stream a camera at a lower resolution than the source? I use Tinycam on my Android phone to watch live from SS but do not see any resolution settings.
  • Hi - yes, SecuritySpy can stream at any resolution, compression quality and frame rate specified by the client, but it is up to the client to request this. It could be that tinyCam simply requests the default stream (full resolution and frame rate, medium quality). If tinyCam has the ability to manually set up a camera and specify the request/URL, you can request the appropriate settings yourself by following the information on the SecuritySpy Web Server HTTP Specification page.

    Specifically, see the ++video request, where you will see that you can specify the parameters you need.
  • I used this simple URL in Tinycam generic URL camera setting:


    Tinycam reports
    Received frames = 2fps
    Displayed frames=0
    Dropped frames=100%
    User name & Password set correctly and I get a blank video.

    Any suggestions for further testing?
  • When I get good wifi the received frames goes up to 8fps but still lost 100%, displayed frames=0.
  • The ++viewlive request returns an HTML page containing the image; you'll want the image itself, which is the ++video request. So try this:


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