Motion blur
  • Naturally, some cameras are better than others at capturing sharp pictures when there is motion, like someone walking, or, harder yet, a car driving by. Some have motion blur even in broad daylight with low speed motion. What does that depend on? Shutter speed? What should you look for in specs to be sure to get a camera that doesn't have motion blur?
  • Yes this depends on shutter speed, which determines the exposure time of each frame. As you say, some cameras are better than others. Ideally you want a camera that has a user-adjustable setting for specifying the maximum exposure time that you deem acceptable (at the expense of more noise in the video image in low light).

    So if you are worried about this, before you purchase a camera, check the camera's user manual online to see if it has such a setting. Most cameras from high-quality manufacturers (Axis, Canon, Dahua etc.) do have such a setting; it tends to be the cheaper cameras from lower-quality manufacturers that don't.

    The spec sheet probably won't give you this information, however what it will specify is the low-light performance (the lux value), which is important. The lower the lux value, the more sensitive the image sensor, and the more flexibility you'll therefore have to reduce the exposure time while still getting decent-quality images.

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