Possible to sync motion detect feeds to Dropbox, Google Drive, or similar?
  • Has anyone succeeded in syncing Securityspy feeds to a cloud storage service? Does Securityspy only support FTP?
  • Perhaps you could set the save directory under there preferences to be your GDive / DropBox folder? You may need to be a bit selective on how frequently you rotate your files to make sure you don't eat up all your storage.
  • Yes this is possible, in exactly the way that @gurth suggests - please see this FAQ that describes the setup.
  • I think that the next upgrade to SS take into account Dropbox, iCloud drive, etc, in addition to FTP… People now tend to use Facebook as their personal webpage, consequently, many don't have FTP access…

    I'd also like to see camera 'groups' this would be really helpful for: "Set all cameras in GROUP A to active mode"
  • Yes I have it working with Dropbox. Now how do you get the browser to point to the files in Dropbox?
  • @Richinwal - are you talking about viewing the files on a different Mac (not the one that is doing the recording) using SecuritySpy's Browser feature? This is possible: simply install another copy of SecuritySpy on this second Mac, open the Browser feature, and drag the capture destination folder(s) from the Dropbox folder to the Camera box in the top left of the Browser. It will scan the folders and allow you to view the files.

    However the web interface of SecuritySpy will probably give you a better viewing experience, so I would suggest looking at that instead, and merely using the Dropbox sync as an off-site backup of your security footage, in case an intruder steals or damages the recording Mac.
  • Ben I was wanting to view the files with the Browser on the same computer as SecuritySpy. I've moved the capture files to the Dropbox folder and set camera to record to those files, but the SS browser needs to be redirected to look in the Dropbox folders.
  • Ah I see. On the same Mac, the SecuritySpy Browser will know where the new files are being recorded, and will be able to find and display them. Because you were previously recording to the default location in the Documents folder, you might see two entries for each camera in the Cameras box in the Browser. If you aren't seeing the new files, try closing and reopening the Browser window and it should scan for files again and find them.
  • I shut down SS and restarted and just as you said the browser found them. Thanks Rich

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