Analog NTSC Camera Compression
  • Hi!

    Can you recommend some came compression settings for 3 analog NTSC cams? File sizes are turning out to be much larger than high res IP cameras. Local Capture compression settings are H.264 with a quality of 90 and a keyframe every 15 frames. Sound about right? Looking to not lose resolution further and create artifacts, but these are definitely low res cameras... creating about 125GB files for every 24 hours. (1 movie per day)


  • Hi Mike, if you are using analog cameras then you must also be using some sort of analog-to-digital conversion device. Is this a video server by any chance? The video server will supply compressed video, so ideally we would want to tweak this to provide the right format that SecuritySpy can then record directly. So please can you tell me the make and model number of what you are using here and I can make some suggestions.

    My other comment is that, generally, with a quality of 90 you're going to get large file sizes. I would suggest that a quality of 50-60 would give you reasonably good quality while keeping the file sizes down.

    The file size will also depend on the frame rate. I would recommend a frame rate of 5-10fps as this is a good range for general-purpose video surveillance.

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