Audio Detection and Audio in Captures

    I recently read this review and decided to try this camera alongside several Hikvisions, primarily for the internal microphone on an outdoor unit.

    I've received and implemented the camera fine and I can hear the audio preview when turned on in SS, but the audio meter in the Camera Status window is there and does nothing whether Audio detection in Camera Settings is 1% or 99%. I also cannot hear any sound on capture files, even played at original speed with QT. The camera is near a gate that beeps when actuated and that comes through loud and clear, but only in the audio preview.

    Please advise.
  • Here are a few things to check:

    In the Camera Settings window, click the Audio tab and make sure the "Audio input" is set to "Network device". While you're there, make sure that the two checkboxes are checked, which tell SecuritySpy to record audio with both continuous and motion-detected captures.

    Next, under the Setup tab, check the "Audio detection" checkbox and set the level to 30%.

    Then put the camera in Active mode and make a sound near the camera. This should trigger recording, and the recorded movies should contain audio.
  • Hi Ben,

    I replied immediately but returned later to find it did not post or save for some reason.

    Anyway, it is indeed set that way. It wasn't working initially but it started to at some point.


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