Somewhat basic 720p+ IP cams that are viewable in Mac browsers?
  • I'd like to replace my low res older IP cams with something with a little better image but want to try to avoid spending gobs of money. Was hoping some forum users could post models that they've found to have good general compatibility. Am I dreaming when I say I'd like something that doesn't require any plugins to view in a browser? (I don't have admin access at work.)
  • Hi - please see our list of compatible cameras to find out which cameras work with SecuritySpy on a Mac.

    We also have some camera reviews on our blog, as well as example camera setups, and our popular article 10 Recommended IP Cameras 2015.

    All the cameras listed on the above pages can be configured using Mac web browsers. However we don't keep a record of which ones allow viewing of video in a web browser without a plugin.

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