Cameras in Cold Weather
  • I am seriously considering purchasing a y-cam bullet 1080 HD to complete my four camera set. My concern is that winter temperatures where I live can dip well below the -5C (22F) rated temperature for this camera. Does anyone have advice/experience with cold weather outdoor applications for this or similarly rated cameras?

    My guess is it will be fine, but would appreciate input.
  • It might be fine, but you might also get problems with fogging/ice buildup with cameras that aren't built to deal with such cold temperatures. Maybe someone else here can give their experience about using cameras below their rated temperature ranges. It also might be worth an email to Y-cam themselves to ask their opinion, they might have some helpful advice for you (if so, please post it back here!)
  • I queried y-cam and was told that "It is quite possible the camera could be damaged if outdoors". They also supplied me with the specs for their current HomeMonitor cameras. It is evident that the environmental range is the same for all models - indoor and outdoor - with a low of -5C.

    I'm afraid I will need to look elsewhere. Bummer.
  • Thanks for posting back. If you are able to find a similar camera that is specified to work in lower temperatures please let us know. Otherwise perhaps it's best to go for a box-type camera in a heated housing.
  • I'm in something of the same boat, and wondering if you have any current recommendations for outdoor cameras that would have to deal with harsh weather? (New England, lots of cold, lots of rain, lots of snow).
  • Hi All - the Dahua IPC-HFW4300S is rated down to -30 ºC (-22 ºF), so this is a good option for an outdoor bullet camera for harsh environments. It's inexpensive and provides good quality video, though doesn't have the audio or wireless features of the Y-cam.
  • I've had two Avtech cameras now for about 4 years, in rain, snow and ice, on 24/7, I'm in Ireland. They havent blinked. The infra-red is useless though because no matter what you do the cameras will fog just a little, enough to make infra-red useless, but then it isn't usable here anyway. In my urban environment the street lighting makes it redundant.
  • I've used the Foscam outdoor cameras in Winnipeg Canada with temperatures reaching -30C or colder for at least a couple weeks a year without any problems.
    (both the older 8904/5 and the newer 9803 (so far, still have to get some more outdoor cameras purchased and going once I can get the cable runs done)

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