Geovision GV-FER521 Fisheye camera
  • I have a client inquiring whether the Geovision GV-FER521 fisheye camera is compatible. It is not on the list and a search on this forum has no results. Has anyone used this camera, or could recommend a good PoE Fisheye camera?

    Thank you,

  • Hi John,

    We don't officially support Geovision cameras, as we have had reports from our customers that their web interfaces aren't very Mac-friendly (so you may need to use a Windows PC for the initial setup), however we do have several customers using them, and they all should work in SecuritySpy using the ONVIF profile built into the software.

    The main consideration with panoramic cameras is whether they can de-warp the fisheye image in-camera, and deliver this dewarped image to SecuritySpy. Some older panoramic cameras don't do this, but most newer ones do. According to the information on Geovision's web page for the GV-FER521, the camera can deliver what they call "180º View" and "360º View", both of which appear to be de-warped version of the full fisheye image.

    Alternatively, you could check out Axis panoramic cameras, which we have tested and confirmed to work well with SecuritySpy. I believe that Vivotek also has a few nice panoramic models too.

    Hope this helps.

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