Exporting Capture Sync movies for editing
  • Hi all.
    Can anyone please advise me of a relatively quick method of saving a 4 frame movie so that I can import it into FCP X?
    The movie is around 8Gb and I have already tried exporting it in QT7 Pro but the quality is crap! I just need it as a single movie but with all 4 images.
  • We have just released a CaptureSync update today - you can obtain it from the CaptureSync Download Page.

    This version features a new export function specifically for preparing movies for import into Final Cut Pro. You can read about it in the user manual here: Splitting Multi-Track Movie Files.

    This will allow Final Cut Pro to import all the tracks, and you can then apply any editing functions you want (such as to merge them all together into a single track if this is what you need to do).

    Hope this helps.

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