Motion Detect Strange Misses
  • I've recently noticed I am missing motion events of vehicles at times that seem obvious but I am getting them on cats and squirrels that do not seem obvious. I've tried many combinations of Sensitivity and Trigger Time but I cannot make sense of why this is happening.
  • Vehicles move fast, so it's possible that they are in and out of the frame quicker than the trigger time, in which case no recording will be triggered. So try reducing the trigger time setting in order to capture such events. Do you agree that this could be the cause of the problem?
  • That MAY be at issue, though this camera points down my driveway, so I would think it should see even a faster vehicle. I'll try to email you this morning's miss clipped out of the TL.

    On a side note, your new app, SmartMotion, would be useful to me if it had settings that matched SS for Sensitivity and Trigger Time. I could run this clip through it to quickly find what it takes to catch this vehicle.

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