EScam/VIGICA QD520 Peashooter
  • I spend the last few hours beating on this camera trying to get it setup, so I thought I'd pass along the setup info.

    First off, the camera is cheap at $40 for a 720p IP Camera. This is the reason I bought some. The only problem is there is no other way to set it up outside of using Internet Explorer. So for the novice, you have to figure that out.

    As for Setup of the EScam QS520 Peashooter (VIGICA is another name for the MFG)
    IP Address for the camera you are setting up.
    ONVIF Port: 8899 (this is set in the web interface, and I think that 8899 is the default)
    RTSP Port: 554
    Username: admin
    Password: *what ever you set* admin is default
    Format: RTSP TCP (video and audio)
    Input number:
    1 = "Profile_000" which is H264, 1280x720, Quality:6
    2 = "Profile _001" which is H264, 704x576, Quality:6

    This is how I got this camera working in SS.

    Hope this helps.
  • Great, thanks for the feedback, I'm sure this will be useful for other customers. This is an amazingly cheap camera - can you let us know what your impressions are with regards to the quality of the video image, night-vision and overall stability and reliability?
  • Sorry, just got back on the Forum.
    The quality is great, all be it 720p.
    Now there are many more choices of 1080p cameras in the same price range.
    Nightvision is as good as most others I have used (standard dome with same number of LED's), stability is good, drops out on SS every 4-7 min for maybe .5 seconds.
    Reliability is relative with all cameras like this, but still operating as expected.
  • So what's funny is I had an issue with SS viewing this camera. I think it is a network firewall issue, as I knew this was the setup.
    But stupid me, I search for it, find this write-up, and try again. Hmm...still don't work for me (has to be network issue)...
    Then to my shigrin, I laugh out loud when say "Man that is good information"...then notice I WROTE IT.
    /shake head
    Camera's are still great, I am using 1080p now, but still have these I use now and again for spot placement, like catching the varmints.

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