Looking for OS/Browser Agnostic Camera Recommendations
  • Please give recommendations for cameras (or manufacturers of cameras) that are OS/Browser agnostic; i.e., all features of the camera can be accessed regardless of the browser used. I have been using Vivotek cameras and they are fine but some features in the camera require MS Internet Explorer and I prefer using OS X or Linux systems and browsers. Thanks.
  • Hi Secutor,

    All the camera on our list of supported cameras can be configured, for the purposes of using the camera with SecuritySpy, on Mac OS X browsers. This means setting up all the basic settings such as network, video streams, time, text overlay etc. There may be some advanced camera features that aren't supported (e.g. setting up masks or reviewing the camera's own captured footage on its SD card), but these aren't relevant when using SecuritySpy.

    Sorry but we have no information about Linux browsers, nor any information about cameras that fully support Mac for all the features of their web interfaces. However in our experience, the most compatible cameras are Axis so you might like to have a look at these.

    Hope this helps.

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