Foscam C1, does anyone have one ?
  • I just came accross the new Foscam C1. A new stylish looking small indoor camera.
    The specs look pretty good and video footage looks good too on Youtube.
    Best of all is it's price, it's only around 70 euro.

    I'm just inquiring if anybody has used one, what the experiences are. Is it a decent camera without quirks ?
  • Hi Pete - this looks like a nice camera at a great price, I just hope the firmware works reliably. I've ordered one for our own internal testing and will report back when it arrives and I've had a chance to test it.
  • Thanks, I'm curious how it turns out.
    I'm not generally fond of Foscam, I tried one of their PTZ cameras a while ago and was uninmpressed, but for this price a lot can be forgiven..
  • Hi Pete,

    Our camera has arrived and I thought I'd write up my testing as a review:

    Review: Foscam C1 HD Wireless IP Camera

    Let me know if you have any further questions.
  • Nice review !
    I think the image quality is ok at this price point, but the Windows requirement is a real pitty.
    Is the video feed at least stable ? I've tried a foscam once and it's video feed would go lost once in a while for no reason at all.
  • Hi Pete,

    Yes the lack of Mac compatibility is a real shame, I've contacted Foscam about this and will report back if there is any update.

    I've had it running for hours and the video feed seems very stable, with no disconnects or glitches. This is a big improvement over previous Foscam models!
  • UPDATE: I heard back from Foscam and they sent instructions on using Safari and installing a Mac plugin in order to get the camera's web interface working on a Mac:

    Foscam C1 plugin installation instructions

    After installing the plugin, the web interface works great and all the camera's settings can be configured.

    I've updated my review accordingly.
  • Perfect ! I'll order one asap... and I need to upgrade my SecuritySpy license too, so expect an order from me.

    Thanks for the review, and for the followup with Foscam.
  • @Ben great review! I am really interested in buying one. Just amazing camera for that price range.
  • I picked up 2 of the Foscam C1's working great so far (been in place for a couple of weeks now).
    Now of course I see they have released a C2 model with a 120 degree viewing angle (up from 115 in the C1), and higher resolution.

    Oh well, the 2 of them are able to cover around 90% of my ground floor (fairly open concept floor plan).
    I did have a problem with getting the ethernet ports to work, so have them running wifi at the moment until I have some time to figure out the ethernet issue.
  • Hi everyone,

    Bought a C1 a month ago. For me it works fine.
    It's a fixed focus camera, so I had some issue w. the factory focus (if any !). Solution being to gently open it and fix the lens ring accordingly.


    I've been trying many option w. SecuritySpy, in order to catch it.
    Ben, can you tell us what selection we have to choose in 'Video Device Settings' to get it ?
  • Hi Yann - please have a look at our Foscam C1 review - it shows what settings to use in SecuritySpy. I hope this will solve your problem.

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