Suneyes SP-TM06WP
  • I have one of these cameras and was wondering if support could be added to Security Spy.

    I bought it from not realizing that it was not ONVIF compatible.

    SDK's are available at
  • Hi Valdhor - this looks to me like it could be a rebranded Foscam model, so please go through all the Foscam profiles in the Video Device Settings window in SecuritySpy (making sure you select the H.264 Format option where available), and hopefull you will find one that works. If this doesn't work, we can make some additional suggestions.
  • I tried all of the Foscam entries and the only one that worked was the JPEG entry. This also allowed pan and tilt controls to work.

    Unfortunately the zoom controls didn't work and it looks like the highest resolution (1280 x 720) is not being displayed (With no way to set a resolution) and it is only displaying 640 x 480.

    What additional suggestions do you have?
  • Hi Valdhor,

    If one of the Foscam profiles works then we're on the right track.

    When you look through the camera's web interface, does it have any options to set the resolution of the JPEG stream? Additionally, does it have an option to specify the RTSP port? Hopefully this is set to the default value of 554, because otherwise it would cause problems with streaming H.264 video to SecuritySpy.

    In SecuritySpy, set the device type to Manual, set the Format to RTSP, enter the username/password and the camera's IP address, and try each of the following strings in turn in the Request box - hopefully one will give you the full-resolution H.264 stream:




    Any luck with these?

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