H.264 Streaming
  • Until recently I had a port forwarded to each camera, then used Live Cams Pro app to view the RTSP H.264 streams remotely. This used rather little bandwidth compared to an MJPEG stream, but I thought it more sensible security-wise to only forward one port, to SecuritySpy SSL, than one to each camera. However, LCP now shows MJPEG streams from SS, and my internet bandwidth cannot keep up with the native feeds from SS. What I've done for now is add the sub-stream (set to a much lower resolution) to SS and I access only those remotely with LCP.

    Is it possible to stream H.264 or MPEG-4 to LCP from SS?

    Can SS just mirror or be a repeater for those RTSP H.264 streams?

  • Hi - yes it's possible to obtain an MPEG-4 stream from SecuritySpy, and this will cut the bandwidth down significantly. The settings for the client would be as follows:

    URL: rtsp://ss-server-address:8000/++stream?cameraNum=X
    Streaming method: RTSP-over-HTTP

    However, I've just checked Live Cams Pro - there doesn't appear to be an option to set up a camera manually in this way, and the app's profile for SecuritySpy currently only supports JPEG over HTTP. I'll contact the developer of the app to see what can be done about this.

    In the future we will be adding H.264 streaming as well as MPEG-4 streaming. However, it's not possible for SecuritySpy to mirror/repeat the streams from the camera: they will have to be decompressed and then recompressed for streaming to the client. This is because the connection from the camera to the Mac (e.g. Gigabit ethernet) is typically much faster than the network connection for the Mac to the viewer (e.g. internet), so the stream sent to the viewing client would typically have to be at a lower frame rate and/or resolution.
  • That is most excellent! I wrote the developer of LCP as well. I look forward to that new functionality. Thank you for the reply.
  • This may be related to this topic:
    I use tinyCam Monitor Pro ver 6.0.4 on my android cellphone with SS. In tinyCam's Camera Setting I chose -

    Camera Vendor=Mac
    Camera Model=SecuritySpy
    Protocol=Server Push(MJPEG)

    The "Protocol" field has only two options (1)Snapshot(JPEG) & (2)Server Push(MJPEG)
    How does tinyCam know about these two protocols and can Bensoftware notify them that MPEG-4 stream is also available as RTSP-over-HTTP?

    SS responds significantly faster by instantly displaying all 16 videos on my phone than tinyCam streams pointed to individual camera addresses; but I like the individual cameras' lower bandwidth h.264 streams. Is the speed advantage from the Mac CPU running SS vs the tiny camera CPUs, or from displaying MJPEG vs h.264?
  • Hi @quinkink - tinyCam knows about these two protocols because we publish information about them (see HTTP specifications).

    The speed of display will depend on many factors, but certainly MJPEG streams are easier for the client to deal with, requiring less CPU time to process, so this could explain the difference you are seeing.

    We are planning to implement support for H.264 streaming from SecuritySpy's web server, and when we do it should be easy for the iOS and Android apps to support this.
  • Thank you! I hope these improvements come soon. Is there a feature request page on this site? I do not want to duplicate requests on these forums and I can't find a search feature for past posts.
  • There is no specific page for feature requests, it's best if you either use the forum for this, or ask us directly by email.

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