Loosing Wifi Connection on My IP Cam
  • Lately, My one of IP Cam start loosing Wifi connection and I have to power cycle to get back to work. I reset camera couple times and reconfigure my Wifi but still same problem. Can you please help? My device information is as below:

    Software Version:
    Web Version: 2013.11.26 onvif 2.1
    Hardware Version: mips ipcam(11.04.2010)
    Firmware Build Date: Sep 22 2013 20:53:15
    Compiler: gcc 3.4.2

  • Hi Dave,

    The first thing to try is to check for a firmware update and install it on your camera.

    Secondly, check for WiFi reception issues - is the access point too far away, or is there interference from nearby networks? Try changing the WiFi channel in the router as this can get around interference problems.

    When the camera loses the signal it should pick it up again after a short time. If this is not happening, then the camera is not functioning as it should. Try contacting the manufacturer as this may be a known problem with a known fix.

    If you are still having problems with this, then the best thing to do would be to connect the camera by wired ethernet rather than wireless, as this will give you much better performance and reliability. If this is not possible, then have a look at devices that transmit the ethernet signal via the existing power cables in the building - this may be a good solution if you can't run ethernet cables.

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