AXIS M1025 video delay?
  • Hi,
    I was looking into an Axis camera to record a small conference room in 1080P HD at 30fps in a medical setting. I was considering AXIS M1025 because it seems like an affordable option with good image quality and horizontal view but I read that there is a noticeable delay when using H.264 streaming on a review. I was also considering the AXIS M3025-VE or Axis M1145 but they considerably more expensive. The M3004-V is a decent option but I don't like that it only records at 720P 1 MP. This video recording is not for general surveillance purposes so quality more important. Do you have any recommendations or experience with the AXIS M1025 used in conjunction with SecuritySpy. I am concerned about the delay because I will be connecting a high quality microphone through usb to sync with the video stream and I am afraid if there is a delay there could be a major problem with the video recording matching up audio and video. Thanks for your help!!!


    This is the review that says "In all, the M1025 is ideal for discreet surveillance in offices, shops and homes. The slight H.264 video lag is a shame, but you won't find better image quality anywhere else at this price."
  • Hi - we unfortunately don't have the M1025 here for testing but we have the slightly older, but still quite similar, M1031-W. I can tell you that the delay in JPEG mode is virtually zero while the delay in H.264 mode is around 0.5s. I haven't heard anything specifically about the H.264 delay with the M1025, but if the review you linked to is correct and there is a significant delay, then this may indeed cause problem with A/V sync if the audio is coming from a source other than the camera.

    The Axis M1145, though more expensive, may be a better option, though I have no information about the H.264 delay with this one. Image quality should be a bit better than the M1025 though. Also have a look at the Canon VB-S900F - it has very high image quality and is cheaper than the M1145.

    Another option is to find a 1080p at 30fps camera that can also stream high-quality audio. You then connect your high-quality microphone to the camera rather than the USB audio input device. This way, there will be no problem with sync because the video and audio will be coming from the same source. Most network cameras have rather low-quality audio (typically G.711 which has a sample rate of 8000Hz), however there are a few cameras that can stream high-quality AAC audio. The Vivotek MD8562 or IP8161 are both good options - you can select an AAC bit rate of up to 128 kbps, which should give you good quality.

    Hope this helps, please report back and let us know how you get on.
  • Thanks for your response. It was very helpful! I did some experimenting on my own with an Axis 3005-V and I think I am going to go with that. I am comfortable with its balance of cost and image detail. I plan on syncing it with a hanging Shure Boundary Microphone using a Shure XlR to USB interface. This will all be done with a new 2.6GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 Mac Mini and of course, using SecuritySpy software. I am comfortable with either MJPEG or H.264 streaming. This will be the one and only camera being streamed and that is all this computer will be doing. Do you think it is likely I will have an issue with audio/video syncing? Sorry but I am somewhat new to this type of setup and don't have the experience nor the equipment to test beforehand. Again, this is being used to record in a medical setting so the frame-rate will need to be about 25 FPS and the quality will have to be fairly good. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

  • I think your setup will work very well, and you shouldn't have problem with A/V synchronisation. I'd advise streaming H.264 video from the camera, and have SecuritySpy record this directly to disk (using the "No recompression" option in the Video Device Settings window). Using JPEG will give you much larger file sizes.

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