Foscam FI9831W PTZ Not working
  • Hi there, I just got one of the HD Foscams from Amazon. Inexpensive but pretty nice picture quality. I'm able to control the PTZ when logged into the camera, but not from within Security Spy. No response at all. I realize it's not even in the "Not Supported" list, but for the image quality and price I imagine others may be considering these as well. Latest firmware has been installed! Thanks
  • Hi - what "Device type" profile are you using for your camera? Please try the latest version of SecuritySpy (currently 3.4.5) and select the "Foscam H.264" profile. Also, make sure you have specified the administrator login details for the camera in SecuritySpy, as PTZ control often won't work without these. Does this help?
  • Wow, I can't believe it took me so long to get back to this. I wonder if I got an email alert that there was a response? Anyway, you were absolutely right, giving SS admin creds turned on PTZ. (Belated) Thanks!


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