AV-Tech AVN815
  • Hello All,

    i'm trying to get the 1280x720 Stream of this camera into SecuritySpy. Somehow it has worked once and now i only get the 1280x1024 variant. As all other Camera's are 1920x1080 or 1280x720. This one doesn't scale nice on a 16:9 display.
    MJpeg and H264 don't display 1280x720, but somehow the JPeg setting does.

    Anyone got an idea ? because i don't...


  • Hi Raymond,

    With this particular camera, SecuritySpy has no control over the resolution of the video stream received from it: it's up to the camera what resolution to deliver. If you have several of these cameras and they present different settings then they might be running different firmware versions, so make sure that the firmware in all your cameras is up to date.

    Generally the 1280x1024 stream will be preferable to the 1280x720 stream, as the former has more pixels and you will be able to see more of the frame, whereas the latter will have the top and bottom cut off to achieve the 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Hi Ben,

    well, i got only one AVN815. Too bad we can't do anything to fix it. I know that 1280x1024 has a higher resolution, but as stated it doesn't play nice with the rest of the setup. Are there any significant drawbacks using JPeg for this one camera instead of h264/MJPeg ? OK, the file size will increase with 50% if i also don't recompress this one. But i'm more concerned with the quality of the recording itself.

    Any light to this problem is appreciated.

    It's too bad really, because the image quality of the AV-Tech units is quite impressive.
  • Hi Raymond,

    Using JPEG will result in file sizes in the order of 8 times that of H.264 at the equivalent visual quality (that's if you don't get SecuritySpy to recompress the incoming video to a more efficient format). There is no other downside of using JPEG, so if storage space isn't a problem (after all, large hard drives are cheap these days), and you won't need to transfer these files over the internet frequently, then go for JPEG for this camera.

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